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How to properly clean AR treated lenses.

1. Rinse only with plain water

Rinse your glasses (both sides of the lenses) under running water.

2. Put the mild soap on both sides of each lens

Put a bit of mild liquid soap on top of both lenses, then flip the frame and put the soap on the inner side of lenses.

3. Use fingers to gently rub the liguid

Then with your fingertips gently rub the liquid soap on both sides of the lenses.

4. Rinse the soap with runing water

After that rinse glasses again to remove the liquid soap. The glasses should now be 100% grease-free.

5. Dry lenses with soft good quality paper towel

Use a paper towel to clean off remaining water drops and other spots.

6. Use microfiber cloth to finish cleaning

To finish cleaning use a microfiber cloth so your glasses should be perfectly clean.

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